Paramedic family and friends


Supporting the mental health of an Australian paramedic can make a difference. The following resources for family and friends may be helpful.

The challenges and triumphs of being a paramedic

Hear from Janice, who shares her story as an operational paramedic as part of the ‘Are you Triple OK?’ RUOK? campaign.


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Resources for families living with a moral injury

‘Dad’s Moral Injury Cloud: Lara’s Story’ is a children’s book with an interactive module for parents. It was developed by Dr. Marg Rogers from the University of New England, along with many researchers, support workers, clinicians, and those with lived experience. The book and module contain videos that explain moral injury, information on its behavioural impacts, and ways to support people. They also provide information on where to find support in the UK, Canada, and Australia.

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Are they Triple OK?

An R U OK? campaign that aims to increase levels of peer and social support for police and emergency services workers nationwide. The campaign provides tips and resources to promote life-changing conversations with police and emergency services workers at home and in the workplace to encourage early intervention and help-seeking.

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